Los Angeles & Special Event Security Contractors

Sometimes, things just don’t go as planned. Maybe you’ve been put in charge of hosting an event that needs armed or unarmed security guards in Los Angeles, and you’re concerned that you won’t be able to find anyone that will be able to help. Well, you can go right ahead and put that fear to rest. There are security guard options that allow for someone to be sent out to you regardless of your last minute need.

What Qualifies as “Emergency Security”

We’ve summarized the bare basics of what “emergency security” means, but there’s more to it than just “sending a guard at the last minute.” To have someone sent out on such late notice means that first, you’re going to have to contact the main office of their agency and have them arrange for a guard to come out to assist. That already covers the immediate benefits of being able to call for emergency aid, being able to contact the office of a security team at all hours and have them respond to you so quickly. It means that you’re already well on your way to dealing with a team that you can trust.

Bear with us while we give you something to ponder over. You’re a part Universal Studios Hollywood’s staff in Los Angeles and suddenly you hear that there’s a group of people that go around breaking into people’s cars to steal the belongings that they’ve left inside. You and your fellow staff members now have an issue, because you can’t just close down the entire park because some people have decided that they want to take things that don’t belong to them. At the same time, this group has managed to go relatively unnoticed until now and it’s the peak of the season so you don’t have time to train your own personnel to deal with it.

This is a situation where you could consider hiring additional emergency security to assist in apprehending these people. Sure, you already have staff for your parking lot, but it wouldn’t hurt to hire on a few more people considering the circumstances. And truthfully, amusement parks are rather big on private security. They use the services for crowd control, to detect child kidnappers and prevent them from getting away with children, terror threats, and mishandling of rides by employees. Needing to employ some emergency staff for unforeseen situations is very much within the realm of possibility.

Basically, as long as that need for security is due to any of these reasons then it qualifies as emergency security.

  • Emergency situations that require attention immediately.
  • Security needs that arise because of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Temporary retail security for holidays (like Black Friday), renovation, or the failure of a store’s alarm.

Security Guards and Natural Disasters

Nationwide Investigations & Security, Inc.

I’m sure people from L.A. are sick of hearing it, but their city is rife with terrible weather. Earthquakes, Fires, and coastal flooding happen…not nearly as people make it sound, but it is still an issue that’s apart of the city just as much as bad weather is for anywhere else in the United States. That being said, if you ever were caught in any of these natural disasters there could be security guards sent out to aid you.

Many people decide not to evacuate because they don’t want to leave their things behind without knowing what could be happening to them. After all, though the reports of looting and rioting after natural disasters are a bit exaggerated; it is something that still happens. And though, trying to ride out dangerous weather is highly ill-advised, it is a bit understandable as to why some people make the decision not to leave. They’d rather take the risk that they can pull through while watching their belongings instead of taking the risk or leaving and coming back to all of their things having been ransacked.

Due to the extensive training that they receive, security guards are able to aid with evacuations and can help guide anyone that is unequipped to deal with the natural disaster on their own. They are able to provide commercial and residential security services in the event that civil unrest breaks out and can offer both armed and unarmed support to anyone that is in need of it.

Alarm Monitoring

Los Angeles Security Guards Can Help

Something that we’ve been alluding to throughout this entire article is that during severe weather or emergency situations in general, is that some people have a tendency to use other’s lack of awareness or unpreparedness against them. In the case of the Universal Studio’s Hollywood example, the park being largely uninformed and very busy is what could have provided the thieves the cover they needed to rob park goers if they left the situation unchecked. In the case of Natural disasters, everyone may be too busy trying to make sure that they and their families make it through the situation to be immediately concerned with their belongings and businesses.

Plenty of security guard services provide alarm and safety monitoring services which can be used to monitor things like break-ins and fires. These monitoring systems are able to work via telephone, mobile lines, radio channels, computers, and trained staff. If this alarm system is actually triggered, the security guards can either alert the authorities or come check the situation out themselves. This alarm, when triggered can scare off any intruders before they actually get around to stealing anything. This alarm system can be thought of an additional perk that any security guard service offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re actually in your house or away because with this system you can have that extra assurance that your belongings will be safe.

There are many reasons why you would want to look into getting a security guard detail in the case of any emergency that you may have. Maybe you have to contend with the unrest that can accompany severe weather or maybe you’re in need of some extra guards because of some thief prowling around your business. In Los Angeles, California, no matter what your reasoning may be, you can rest easier knowing that there is a reliable source of protection that you can turn to help guard you, your business and your belongings in event of an emergency or otherwise.